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boxing classes

Find out more about our BOXING CLASSES, SCHEDULES and costs

We offer: 

Kids classes.

Beginner classes.

Ladies only classes.

We also cater to elite level boxers and professionals with training packages, that help improve your boxing ability, performance, and IQ.

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one to one

We offer members of our academy; an elite performance service through our expert exercise professionals who help you build muscle, lose weight and increase your fitness through better diet, exercise, and better sleep habits.

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Acquire your very own personalised uniform with a name printed or nickname. We offer amazing training gear that allows you to train hard or relax comfortably. This includes; breathable t-shirts, comfortable hoodies, joggers, and shorts.

Contact us to order your merchandise. Sizes and colours available.


Interested in joining up? Not sure where to start? Not interested in reading through all the details? NO WORRIES! Just give us a call and we would be happy to offer a NO COST consultation to explain all the details and sign you up without any further delay!

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